Dell XPS 13 9310 OLED

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Dell XPS 13 9310 OLED
Dell XPS 13 9310 OLED (XPS 13 9310 Serie)
Intel Core i7-1185G7 4 x 3 - 4.8 GHz, 64 W PL2 / Short Burst, 28 W PL1 / Sustained, Tiger Lake UP3
Scheda grafica
Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs, Core: 1350 MHz, Memoria: 1600 MHz, LPDDR4x,
16384 MB 
, LPDDR4x 2133.3 MHz, 20-20-20-45, Dual-Channel, Saldata
13.40 pollici 16:10, 3456 x 2160 pixel 304 PPI, Capacitive 10 punti, Samsung 134XK01, OLED, Controller: SDC414F, Dell P/N: 4XG21, HDR, 60 Hz
Scheda madre
Intel Tiger Lake-UP3 PCH-LP
Toshiba XG6 KXG60ZNV512G, 512 GB 
Scheda audio
Intel Tiger Lake-U/Y PCH-LP - cAVS (Audio, Voice, Speech)
Porte di connessione
2 USB 3.1 Gen 2, 2 Thunderbolt, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 2 DisplayPort, Connessioni Audio: 3.5 mm combo, Lettore schede: MicroSD, Sensore luminosità
Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650s (ax = Wi-Fi 6), Bluetooth 5.1
altezza x larghezza x profondità (in mm): 14.8 x 296 x 199
52 Wh polimeri di litio
Sistema Operativo
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
Webcam: 720p
Fotocamera Principale: 0.9 MPix
Altre caratteristiche
Casse: Stereo 2x 2.5 W, Tastiera: Chiclet, Illuminazione Tastiera: si, Adattatore da USB-C ad USB-A, Dell Mobile Connect, Power Manager, Update, CinemaCenter, Digital Delivery, 12 Mesi Garanzia
1.245 kg, Alimentazione: 211 gr
1650 USD



Punteggio medio: 88.9% - molto bene
Media dei 10 punteggi (dalle 16 recensioni)
prezzo: 91%, prestazioni: 91%, caratteristiche: 63%, schermo: 96% mobilità: 86%, qualità di lavorazione: 96%, ergonomia: 86%, emissioni: 92%

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88% Recensione del computer portatile Dell XPS 13 9310 OLED: È meglio della versione IPS? | Notebookcheck
I clienti hanno chiesto e Dell ha eseguito: l'XPS 13 9310 è ora disponibile con un OLED così da essere uno dei primi portatili da 13,4" 16:10 ad avere tale opzione. Tuttavia, gli utenti dovrebbero fare attenzione a ciò che desiderano perché anche l'OLED ha le sue particolarità.
80% Review: Dell XPS 13 (2021)
Sorgente: Wired Magazine Inglese EN→IT
The big question then is if the OLED screen is worthwhile. It depends. If you want better battery life, stick with the full-HD models of the 2021 XPS. You are also then afforded more customizability when choosing RAM, storage, and processors. With the OLED, you are forced to get the Core i7 model, 16 or 32 GB of RAM, and Iris Xe graphics, which is overkill for most people, not to mention the high $1,600 price tag. On the other hand, going back to my 4K screen after the OLED is, well, a little dim and washed out. I think I can live with the shorter battery life.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Corto, Data: 07/21/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 80%
70% Dell XPS 13 9310 review: sleek and pricey
Sorgente: 91mobiles Inglese EN→IT
The Dell XPS 13 is a pristine device with the kind of elegance that demands a heavy price tag. There’s a lot to like about the laptop, especially its portability and lightness along with the thin chassis that allows it to slide easily inside a backpack. However, the lack of ports and overall average thermal management doesn’t allow for a lot of intensive work. The display is one of the finest in the segment, but one still wonders if the asking price is worth it. Buy the Dell XPS 13 if you covet a super sleek design, and are allured by its gorgeous 4K OLED panel.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Corto, Data: 07/15/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 70%
100% Dell XPS 13 9310 OLED laptop review: the best just got better
Sorgente: T3 Inglese EN→IT
There are a lot of alternatives to the XPS 13. Probably the foremost option is the Apple Macbook Pro, which was recently upgraded with the M1 processor. A comparable 13-inch Macbook Pro will cost you about $1,499 but doesn’t offer an OLED screen, and only comes with 8GB of memory: adding an extra 8GB increases the price by $200. If you really want the OLED screen, the HP Spectre X360 features a 14-inch 3k OLED as well as an 11th gen i7 processor for similar money to the Dell XPS. The Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen 3 15-inch also has the option to upgrade to an OLED screen, though it only offers 10th generation processors and costs considerably more than the XPS 13 for an equivalent spec. It does manage to squeeze in a few more connections, though, with a USB 3.1 port and an HDMI output.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Corto, Data: 07/13/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 100%
96% Dell XPS 13 9310 review: Still fantastic but now with OLED
Sorgente: Techaeris Inglese EN→IT
The Dell XPS 13 9310 is just as good as the versions without the OLED. If you want to save some cash, you can skip the OLED and get the base display; it’s great as well. But, if you have money to burn, buying the XPS 13 with OLED is a no-brainer.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 07/10/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 96% prezzo: 95% prestazioni: 100% schermo: 100% mobilità: 95% qualità di lavorazione: 100%
Dell’S Xps 13 Uses Oled To Defend Its Crown For Another Year
Sorgente: Inglese EN→IT
The Dell XPS 13 is the best 13-inch Windows ultraportable available today, just as it was the best 13-inch Windows laptop every year since its 2015 redesign. It’s a gorgeous machine with meticulous attention to detail that justifies the laptop’s high price. The optional OLED display is an expensive $400 upgrade that performs exceptionally well by every metric, from brightness to color accuracy and, of course, contrast. You’ll notice its perks not only in movies and games but also when flipping through photos or streaming YouTube. There are a few downsides. USB-A and Ethernet ports aren’t available, so you’ll have to pack an adapter. The laptop also runs rather warm. However, these problems aren’t unique to the XPS 13. Most of Dell’s competitors share these issues, but Apple’s MacBook Pro 13 is the best reason to skip the Dell XPS 13. It outperforms the Dell, as it does any Windows laptop of similar size, yet also has better battery life.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 06/29/2021
90% Dell XPS 13 OLED review
Sorgente: Tom's Guide Inglese EN→IT
The Dell XPS 13 has been one of our favorite Windows laptops for years, and the addition of a 3.5K OLED screen only enhances the appeal. Paying an extra couple hundred bucks for it might not be worthwhile if you don’t tend to get hung up about image quality, but given that one of the Dell XPS 13’s big attractions is its beautiful, nigh-borderless InfinityEdge display, paying more to slap an OLED in there is a worthwhile addition. If you want something a little bigger and more performant for roughly the same price, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is also a good choice. It has a 1080p AMOLED touchscreen that looks almost as good as the XPS 13’s OLED, with slightly better performance and much better battery life. However, it’s also a larger, heavier 2-in-1 that comes with a lot of Samsung bloatware installed. And of course, if you’re open to using a Mac, the M1-equipped MacBooks offer much better battery life than just about any Windows laptop on the market.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/19/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 90%
Dell XPS 13 9310 review: OLED makes this laptop even sweeter
Sorgente: XDA Developers Inglese EN→IT
With the Dell XPS 13 line, the laptops just keep getting better and better; in fact, each model is consistently Dell’s best laptop. It started out with a redesign that was announced at CES 2020, and that added the 16:10 display. The Intel Tiger Lake refresh later that year added a lot of power, and now, the OLED model is here. There’s not much I can say that’s bad about this laptop. The webcam is definitely subpar, but that’s to be expected given the small amount of room there is. It also still frustrates me that Dell doesn’t offer cellular connectivity in its consumer laptops. And finally, this company really needs to start scanning fingerprints when you press the button; everyone else has moved beyond this.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/15/2021
Dell XPS 13 OLED review: more pixels, more money
Sorgente: The Verge Inglese EN→IT
For that reason, I would still recommend that most people go for the FHD XPS 13 over the OLED model. Five hours is not great battery life, but it’s especially not great for an ultraportable laptop this close to the $2,000 mark. It’s certainly a dealbreaker for me, even if everything else about a laptop is perfect. It means I’d have to have this thing plugged in multiple times a day, even though one of its primary benefits is supposed to be that it’s light enough to carry around wherever. I want. Meanwhile, as nice as the OLED screen is, I can’t imagine it’ll make a huge quality-of-life difference to all but the most discerning of viewers. It certainly shouldn’t be a big enough difference to outweigh a $300 premium and a four-hour hit to battery life. If you’re someone for whom the OLED is worth the price, you probably know who you are.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Corto, Data: 06/14/2021
Dell XPS 13 9310 review: The Intel 11th-gen eye-candy
Sorgente: The Times of India Inglese EN→IT
Dell XPS 13 with Intel 11th-gen processor is a really good update in terms of performance over the predecessor. The startup time from sleep mode and swift handling of apps, all perform really well. The 4K display is good to look at as well. And all of this comes in a compact and premium-looking body. However, the battery performance is not the best and it keeps us from calling it a travel-friendly device.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 06/10/2021
90% Dell XPS 13 OLED (9310)
Sorgente: PC Mag Inglese EN→IT
If it had an HDMI port, the Dell XPS 13 OLED would score a perfect five-star review. Even without one, it's a cinch to earn an Editors' Choice award among OLED laptops, and among ultraportables that simply sing when you look at them. We've said before that the extra ports, slightly nicer keyboard, and slightly lighter weight of its archrival the ThinkPad X1 Carbon make us lean toward the Lenovo for productivity work, but the Dell's spectacular new screen tips the scale if dazzling panel quality is what matters most. There are now two best laptops in the world.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/10/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 90%
90% Dell XPS 13 (9310) - 2021 Review: Still The Benchmark In The 13-Inch Ultrabook Category
Sorgente: Think Digit Inglese EN→IT
Last year when we reviewed the Dell XPS 13, we crowned it as the "Thin & Light King". The new Dell XPS 13 9310 is here, and it's here to stay without rewriting any rules. The Dell XPS 13 9310 checks all the right boxes by delivering in the areas that matter most, and not letting its flaws take over the user experience. It's not a flawless laptop, but like every year, it sits on top of our recommendation list by doing everything a bit better than other notebooks in this category.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 06/09/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 90% prezzo: 87% prestazioni: 91% qualità di lavorazione: 92%
OLED Dell XPS 13 9310 Review
Sorgente: Mobile Tech Review Inglese
Lisa Gade reviews the new 2021 OLED display option on the Dell XPS 13 9310. The 3.5K resolution OLED display joins the existing IPS 4K and full HD options, and it has the same 13.4” display size with 16:10 aspect ratio. As expected, the display has superb contrast and deep blacks, though glare can affect perceived black levels. We look at display metrics and battery life impact compared to the other XPS 13 display options.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 06/04/2021
Dell XPS 13 9310 (OLED) review: The perfect laptop gets better with a vibrant display
Sorgente: On MSFT Inglese EN→IT
If you're into light photo or video editing, or just really love watching movies and streaming content on your laptop, then this XPS 13 with OLED is a must-buy for you. There will be some sacrifices when it comes to battery life, but it will be overall worth it for you. This laptop punches out some incredible-looking images and videos that will feel quite immersive thanks to the near bezel-less design. The $400 upcost also means that you'll get more pixels, too, which not everyone might need, but this is one beautiful laptop to look at.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 06/03/2021
90% Dell XPS 13 (OLED) review
Sorgente: Laptop Mag Inglese EN→IT
The latest XPS 13 model debuts a gorgeous OLED panel that provides rich picture quality for when you're streaming movies at home or editing videos for work. Is it worth the tradeoff to battery life? If you need a high-res display, then yes. The 3.5K OLED display outlasted the 4K IPS config in our battery test and is capable of producing a wider range of colors. And since it costs the same ($1,649 to start), there is no reason to buy the non-OLED 4K model (unless you really need those few extra pixels).
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 05/22/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 90%
95% REVIEW: Dell XPS 13 2021 é um dos melhores notebooks ultra portáteis do mercado
Sorgente: Portoghese PT→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 08/04/2021
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 95% prestazioni: 90% schermo: 100% mobilità: 90% qualità di lavorazione: 100%
Review Dell XPS 13 | O conceito de notebook premium quase no auge
Sorgente: Canaltech Portoghese PT→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 08/03/2021


Intel Iris Xe G7 96EUs:

Scheda grafica integrata nei SoC Intel Tiger Lake G4 basati sulla nuova architettura Gen. 12 con 96 EU (Execution Units / Shader Cluster). La frequenza di clock dipende dal modello di processore. I chip Tiger Lake sono prodotti nel moderno processo 10nm+ di Intel.

Ridurre la distanza delle Schede Grafiche per gli utenti che vogliono utilizzare il videogiochi. I nuovi giochi dovrebbero funzionare su queste schede, ma con riduzione dei dettagli e risoluzione mediocre.

>> Ulteriori informazioni le potete trovare nel nostroConfronto delle schede grafiche e nella nostra Lista dei Benchmark.


Processore quad-core a bassa potenza basato su Tiger Lake per computer portatili sottili e leggeri. I quattro cores sono a 3 - 4,8 GHz. Prodotto in 10nm+ alla Intel.

>>Ulteriori informazioni le potete trovare nel nostroConfronto dei processori per portatili.


Principalmente, questa dimensione di display è utilizzata per subnotebooks, ultrabooks e convertibili. Per tutte le tre tipologie, questa dimensione è abbastanza grande. La grande varietà di subnotebooks è rappresentata con questa dimensione.

I display con dimensioni maggiori consentono risoluzioni più elevate. Quindi, i dettagli come le lettere sono più grandi. D'altro canto, il consumo energetico è inferiore negli schermi con diagonali piccole e su dispositivi più piccoli, più leggeri ed economici.

>> Per scoprire come è la risoluzione del vostro schermo, andate a vedere la nostraLista DPI.

1.245 kg:

Questo è il tipico peso dei tablets, piccoli subnotebooks, ultrabooks e convertibili con diagonale del display da 10-11”.

Dell: Dell Inc. è una multinazionale del settore tecnologico che sviluppa, produce, vende e fornisce assistenza per personal computers ed altri prodotti del medesimo settore. Con sede principale in Texas, Dell ha più di 82.700 impiegati in tutto il mondo (2009). Nel 2006, Dell ha acquisito il produttore di computer hardware Alienware. Nella maggioranza dei paesi in cui opera, i portatili sono venduti direttamente ai consumatori dalla Dell ed ogni portatile è assemblato sulla base delle richieste dei singoli consumatori e delle opzioni disponibili. I dati del 2007 sulla suddivisione del mercato dei personal computers (ricerca di mercato IDC): HP 18.9 %, Dell 16.4 %, Acer 9.9 %, Lenovo 7.5 %, Apple 5.7 %.

Dell recensioni

88.9%: Questo è un buon punteggio sopra la media. Tuttavia non dovete dimenticare che il 10-15% di tutti i modelli di portatili hanno un punteggio superiore.

>> Ulteriori informazioni le potete trovare nella nostra Guida all'acquisto di un portatile.


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