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Vivo V27

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Vivo V27
Vivo V27 (V20 Serie)
Scheda grafica
8 GB 
, or 12GB
6.78 pollici 20:9, 2400 x 1080 pixel 388 PPI, Capacitive, AMOLED, lucido: si, HDR, 120 Hz
128GB / 256GB
Porte di connessione
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 1 Lettore impronte digitali, Sensori: accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 5.3, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, Dual SIM, GPS
altezza x larghezza x profondità (in mm): 7.4 x 164.1 x 74.8
4600 mAh polimeri di litio
Sistema Operativo
Android 13
Fotocamera Principale: 50 MPix Triple: 50MP (f/1.9, 1.0µm) + 8MP (f/2.2, 16mm, 1/4", 1.12µm) + 2MP (f/2.4)
Fotocamera Secondaria: 50 MPix f/2.5
Altre caratteristiche
Tastiera: OnScreen
180 gr
380 Euro



Punteggio medio: 79.71% - bene
Media dei 7 punteggi (dalle 26 recensioni)
prezzo: 75%, prestazioni: 75%, caratteristiche: - %, schermo: 90% mobilità: 85%, qualità di lavorazione: 90%, ergonomia: - %, emissioni: - %

recensioni per Vivo V27

vivo Y27 Review Philippines
Sorgente: Unbox Inglese EN→IT
vivo is serious in stepping up in the budget segment, and the Y27 is a perfect example of that effort. Compared to last year’s Y16, the Y27 a lot of relevant upgrades to make it stand out in the under Php 10k segment. They have have come short with the processor of choice and the notch on its display, but the Y27 is a promising showing from vivo on what they can offer on their future budget phones.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 09/08/2023
80% Vivo V27 review: A step forward in Vivo's mid-range line
Sorgente: Android Central Inglese EN→IT
The Vivo V27 is a great mid-range phone that has a lot of what I like in a budget smartphone: an expensive appearance, a large screen, and stellar cameras. The main shooter, in particular, exceeds my expectations in low-light environments, and while the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 is not as high-profile as some Qualcomm options or its Pro sibling's Dimensity 8200, it holds its own in graphic-intensive tasks and demanding games. There's no official IP rating, nor is there any mention of Gorilla Glass protection. And if you've been using smartphones with stock Android experience like the Pixel 6a or 7a, you might find Funtouch OS a bit fiddly to use. Vivo's lack of software update commitment is another concern, with the V27 unlikely to receive Android 14 when it hits the stable channel later this year. So, while this phone is a looker and has capable hardware, it’s not quite the ideal budget phone for everyone.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/27/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 80%
81% Vivo V27 Review: Some Flash and Some Substance
Sorgente: Gadgetbyte Nepal Inglese EN→IT
Summing up this review, I think the Vivo V27 could actually be a good deal for anyone who values an attractive design and decent cameras above everything else. And while Vivo phones were usually pretty overpriced in Nepal compared to India, that’s not the case with the V27 either. Having said that, I definitely think Vivo has a lot of work cut out for itself in the performance department. Dimensity 7200 is a mighty capable chip on paper and its experience should’ve been much, much better than this. And the fact that Vivo isn’t promising any number of software updates for such a premium phone is pretty disappointing as well. So unless you’re totally sold on the Vivo V27, then Samsung Galaxy A54 and Nothing Phone (1) are a couple of great alternatives to consider. Besides a fancy design, these phones also bring a premium software experience among other stuff.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 06/18/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 81% prezzo: 75% prestazioni: 75% schermo: 90% mobilità: 85% qualità di lavorazione: 90%
90% Vivo V27 and V27 Pro Review: Quality, Affordability, and Impressive Cameras
Sorgente: Gear Diary Inglese EN→IT
If you’re in a country where the Vivo phones are sold at retail (per their website, that would be Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Russia), they’re definitely worth checking out. You’re likely to fall in love with their build quality and lovely colors! For the rest of us, you can track them down on eBay, with prices ranging from $499 to around $680, depending on whether you go for the Pro and what memory configuration you choose. The impressive part is that the Vivo V27 and V27 Pro are excellent phones offering fantastic cameras at reasonable prices. Not every car is a sports car, and not every phone is a flagship, but these are phones you’ll be happy to daily drive any day!
Confronto, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/05/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 90%
82% vivo V27 review
Sorgente: GSM Arena Inglese EN→IT
The V27 has a lot going for it - the fancy color-changing back and slim waistline do a fine job of distracting you from all the goodness that's inside. One of the brightest displays in the midrange is among those strong points, and the great battery life is indeed at odds with the thin body. Partially responsible for the longevity is the frugal chipset that's also better than key competitors at most tasks - if not quite as powerful as the Pro's. A competent camera setup is headlined by a primary unit on the back that excels in most use cases and makes a solid effort as a short zoom. The selfie camera is also hard to rival when it comes to stills. It's the video performance that's a bit more shaky - quite literally so on the main camera, even with the stabilization enabled. For selfie video, you have to choose between having EIS and shooting in 4K, and the ultrawide's output is rather meh before we even get to matters of stabilization. A most annoying oversight is the speaker - essentially all competitors at this price point have stereo setups, and the V27 only has a single speaker, and it's an unimpressive one at that. The lack of ingress protection is another blemish in an otherwise well-rounded package. All things considered, the vivo V27 is a premium midranger that we reckon is worth the premium.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 04/21/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 82%
vivo V27 5G review: From selfie master to great all-rounder
Sorgente: Speed Magazine Inglese EN→IT
The vivo V27 5G brings just the right amount of updates to turn it from a typical camera phone into a great photography device. The Aura Light Portrait system offers the much-needed features that allow this smartphone to take quality images anywhere, anytime. On top of that, the vivo V27 5G delivers a standout style and performance.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 04/13/2023
vivo v27 5G: How to Make a Premium All-Rounder Smartphone
Sorgente: Yugatech Inglese
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 04/11/2023
vivo V27: Studio Lights in Your Pocket!
Sorgente: GadgetMatch Inglese
The vivo V27 features the Aura Light System, which takes portraits to the next level. It sports an IMX677V sensor which Sony designed with vivo specifically for this phone, as well as the Aura Light for that soft and even lighting.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 04/10/2023
Vivo V27 review: Lower price, same great cameras
Sorgente: Pocket Lint Inglese EN→IT
As you may have gathered by this point, the Vivo V27 is essentially the same phone as the V27 Pro. To summarise the differences, it has a slower processor, more colour options and a lower MSRP. Crucially, it's available in many more regions than the Pro model, so depending on where you live, you might not have the option to choose the pricier model. Initially, we were concerned that the slower chip would result in a significantly worse experience, but that has not proven to be the case. In most scenarios, using the V27 feels exactly like using the V27 Pro. It's only the gaming performance that suffers to a significant degree, and if you don't play graphically intensive mobile games, then that won't matter in the slightest. On the plus side, the battery lasts even longer on this model, which is very impressive, as it was already great on the Pro. We also think that the additional colour options look lovely, and serve to make this phone stand out from its competitors. If you're shopping for a photographic performer in this price range, and especially if you're an avid selfie snapper, the Vivo V27 won't disappoint.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 04/06/2023
vivo V27 Review
Sorgente: Mobygyaan Inglese EN→IT
The vivo V27 offers a remarkably slim and curved design (7.4 mm) with a rare color-changing glass back. Aside from its design, it has a stunning 120 Hz 10-bit AMOLED display, and incredible cameras. The vivo V27 is also a great performer with its fast Dimensity 7200 CPU paired with up to 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Moreover, the 66W fast charging and FunTouchOS 13 perks altogether make the smartphone an all-rounder in its features. Sadly, the vivo V27 lacks stereo speakers, otherwise would be a reasonable addition to its multimedia experience. The vivo V27 is slim, powerful, and offers a solid camera package (both the front and the back). The vivo V27 is a great choice and is recommended for those who have a budget of over ₹30,000.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 04/03/2023
Vivo V27 and V27 Pro Smartphones Review
Sorgente: OI Spice Tech News Inglese EN→IT
The Vivo V27 smartphone is one of the few phones that comes out a great deal the flagship mid-range phone. But it does lack performance aspects as compared to the Pro version. While at the same time, the curved panel does give the V27 Pro a premium appearance. But not everyone likes curved displays in the first place. However, the camera aspect grants presentable results with decent battery life to support your daily routine. If you have to choose a phone between these two, we recommend you go with the Vivo V27 smartphone. It comes out as value for money deal as it renders decent performance, incredible camera quality, impressive display, fast charging, and long-lasting battery life. All of these factors are also available in the Pro variant, which offers more processing power with a curved display appearance. If you desire those things, you can pick the Vivo V27 Pro in the meanwhile. In case you are looking for an alternative option you can check Oppo Reno 8T smartphone in the budget range.
Confronto, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 04/02/2023
85% Vivo V27 and V27 Pro Review: The Mid-Range Phones That Everyone Needs
Sorgente: Make Use Of Inglese EN→IT
If you're on a budget, you already get a lot of phone with the Vivo V27. It lets you do your everyday social media browsing, video watching, listening to music, and light gaming with no problems. But if you're more of a gamer or plan to edit photos and videos on your smartphone, the V27 Pro is worth the extra US$60 you have to shell out. When it comes to photography, both phones have their pros and cons—the V27 Pro has more vibrant colors and looks more natural in challenging light conditions, but the V27 performs better with finer details in macro mode. Nevertheless, we'll still recommend the V27 Pro for photography because of its more powerful SoC. Five years ago, you needed to buy a flagship smartphone to get high-quality cameras, ultra-fast charging, long battery life, decent memory and storage, and a great screen. But with the V27 Pro, Vivo has shown that you can get these and more without spending a ton. So, if you're looking for a smartphone that'll do everything well and is enjoyable to use, go for the V27 or the V27 Pro. You can't go wrong with either phone.
Confronto, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 03/31/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 85%
60% Vivo V27 review: 50MP camera chameleon
Sorgente: Stuff TV Inglese EN→IT
Given the choice between the Vivo V27 and its older, Pro-er sibling, we’re torn on whether to spend or save the extra £50. The V27 excels in the same area the Pro did – a clear display, detailed main camera for the price, and respectable performance. But it also replicates that phone’s faults, while adding a few of its own. Funtouch OS remains a busy, bloated version of Android, the camera still goes overboard with its beauty mode, and there are question marks over the phone’s sturdiness. There are plenty of rivals with more streamlined operating systems, which we reckon make better buys if you can get hold of them. The V27 is primarily aimed at India, South East Asia and the UAE, where it perhaps makes more sense. Here in the West, though, it doesn’t do enough to make a major impact.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 03/28/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 60%
Vivo V27 Review – The Camera Expert
Sorgente: Cashify Inglese EN→IT
The Vivo V27 is no doubt a great mid-range phone. The best phone under 35K? I would not say that. It has a great design and good build quality. The phone looks really premium, with solid cameras and great performance. On the other hand, the battery life could have been better. Considering the price point, it should have come with dual stereo speakers. It’s definitely a solid option for someone who wants a premium-looking phone with fantastic cameras.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 03/27/2023
vivo V27 5G unboxing and first impressions
Sorgente: Speed Magazine Inglese EN→IT
The vivo V27 5G is a gorgeous phone that offers a premium experience. During our first few days with it, the performance, so far, has been snappy and smooth. We’re also loving the camera. It provides versatility thanks to its various photo-centric features (Aura Light, dual stabilization, etc.), plus the output looks great based on our initial tests. The vivo V27 5G retails for P24,999 and is currently available for pre-order until March 29 on vivo’s online store.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 03/27/2023
Vivo V27 Review (Global EU Model) Amazing Battery Life!
Sorgente: TechTablets Inglese
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 03/25/2023
vivo V27 Hands-On
Sorgente: Yugatech Inglese
Hands-On, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 03/22/2023
vivo V27e, V27 5G Quick Review Philippines: Camera-Centric?
Sorgente: Unbox Inglese EN→IT
There’s a lot of potential for the vivo V27 series here in the Philippines, especially with its suite of hardware and software camera features it has to offer. The V27 5G is the more interesting Model: aside from using a custom IMX766V sensor for the main camera, we’re intrigued at the overall performance of its Dimensity 7200 processor–which we can’t wait to test out comprehensively in our full review.
Confronto, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 03/22/2023
Vivo V27 Pro vs V27 | Unboxing & Comparison
Sorgente: Tech Spurt Inglese
Unboxing the Vivo V27 Pro vs the regular Vivo V27 5G, including a hands-on review of the camera tech, full gaming test, specs, features and more. I've had my SIM in the Vivo V27 Pro for a full week too, so here's my thoughts on the battery life and that Fun Touch 13 experience. The camera hardware is identical between these two mid-range 2023 phones. You get a custom IMX766V sensor with larger pixels, and the Vivo V27 Pro and V27 5G certainly take good low light photos. One of the major differences between these smartphones is the performance. While both blowers are powered by Mediatek chipsets, the Dimensity 7200 of the V27 5G is upgraded to the 8200 in that Vivo V27 Pro. Genshin Impact plays well on either, thanks to the dedicated cooling and generous memory. Battery life and the lack of stereo speaker action are among the only weaknesses. Otherwise I had a good time with these Vivo phones.
Confronto, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 03/21/2023
Vivo V27 Specifications, Pros and Cons
Sorgente: Tech Nave Inglese EN→IT
The Vivo V27 is the latest 5G smartphone launched by the Vivo company at an expected price of $400 (Rs 32,990 in India) approx. The Vivo V27 smartphone carries a 6.78 inches FHD AMOLED display panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, 1B colors, and HDR10+ support. The triple-camera setup is a 50MP primary camera with OIS support, an 8MP ultrawide, and a 2MP macro lens. Following this, an immersive 50MP selfie lens is present. With this setup, you can record up to 4K videos with gyro-EIS support. The device renders on the latest Android 13 OS with Funtouch 13 user interface and equips an under-display fingerprint sensor. The device is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 octa-core chipset that cloaks max up to 2×2.8GHz processing speed with Mali-G610 MC4 GPU. The Vivo V27 is available in 8GB and 12GB RAM with 128GB to 256GB internal storage options, while there’s no secondary card slot is present. The device carries a decent Li-Po 4600 mAh battery with 66W fast charging support. The Vivo V27 smartphone is available in Magic Blue, Emerald Green, Noble Black, and Flowing Gold color options.
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Corto, Data: 03/14/2023
Vivo V27 - recenzja, test, opinia i dane techniczne
Sorgente: Unite4buy Turco PL→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 03/02/2023
80% Vivo V27 - Обзор благородно чёрного смартфона
Sorgente: Helpix RU→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/22/2023
Valutazione: Punteggio totale: 80%
Обзор vivo 27. Смартфон с 50 Мп портретной камерой
Sorgente: Mega Obzor RU→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lungo, Data: 06/13/2023
Обзор vivo V27 5G: смартфон с фронталкой 50 Мп
Sorgente: Hi-Tech Mail RU→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 04/29/2023
Review vivo Y27 5G: Smartphone 5G Gaya Sultan Performa Jagoan Cuma 2 Jutaan
Sorgente: Selular ID→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Medio, Data: 08/10/2023
Review vivo V27 5G: Ringan, Layar Curved, Kamera Keren, Lengkap & Kencang!
Sorgente: Jagat Review ID→IT
Singola recensione, disponibile online, Lunghissimo, Data: 03/29/2023


ARM Mali-G610 MP6:

GPU di fascia media con 6 core e basata sulla seconda generazione dell'architettura Valhall.

La maggior parte dei giochi attuali può essere giocata in modo fluido. Ma preparatevi ad una riduzione delle presentazioni grafiche considerando le impostazioni di dettaglio basse e la risoluzione limitata. Tuttavia, queste schede forniscono ancora abbastanza potenza per le applicazioni da ufficio e la proiezioni di video (ma non per i video HD).

>> Ulteriori informazioni le potete trovare nel nostroConfronto delle schede grafiche e nella nostra Lista dei Benchmark.

>>Ulteriori informazioni le potete trovare nel nostroConfronto dei processori per portatili.


Solo pochi smartphones hanno schermi più grandi. 

I display con dimensioni maggiori consentono risoluzioni più elevate. Quindi, i dettagli come le lettere sono più grandi. D'altro canto, il consumo energetico è inferiore negli schermi con diagonali piccole e su dispositivi più piccoli, più leggeri ed economici.

>> Per scoprire come è la risoluzione del vostro schermo, andate a vedere la nostraLista DPI.

79.71%: Il punteggio ottenuto non convince. Bisogna considerare che difficilmente altri portatili hanno ricevuto un punteggio inferiore al 60%. Questo portatile è stato giudicato sotto la media, pertanto non possiamo consigliarne l'acquisto.

>> Ulteriori informazioni le potete trovare nella nostra Guida all'acquisto di un portatile.


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